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Kids' Hands-On Art History Camp: Ages 8-12

Course Price


Course length

4 Weeks:
(Session 1: August 1st-28th, 2021)--Sold Out
Session 2: October 8th-November 5th, 2021

Kids' Hands-On Art History Camp: Ages 8-12


Sarah Posey

Sarah Posey is a multidisciplinary artist currently based in Moss Point, MS. She received a BFA in painting from the Savannah College of Art and Design and has exhibited internationally and nationally, including MINI/MIRO at Manifest Gallery and the Yellowstone Art Auction 52. In the past she has taught on-ground art lessons, workshops, and at on-ground art camps. In light of COVID-19, she plans to extend these opportunities into the virtual realm. She feels strongly that drawing and painting are taught skills and that everyone should have the opportunity to enrich their lives through art, be that through learning about art history, visiting museums and galleries, or by creating artwork yourself. Anyone can learn to make art, and there are no rules as to how to go about it. If it makes you happy and enriches your life, it’s art. It is never too late or early to start learning, or to continue along your artistic path. Her courses are designed for beginners, practicing artists, children, teens, and adults. Everyone is welcome.

About the course

We will meet virtually once a week for workshops, lessons, and creative free time. Your child will also have access to extensive written lessons, pre-recorded tutorials, assignments, additional resources, foundational art lessons, and optional readings. A materials list will be provided one week before the starting date of the class, and the class materials will be made available to you the day before the starting date. You will have access to these materials for six months past the end date of the class.

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